The magic of Tinos island lies in its secret interpretation, in everything that is discovered through all the senses. The longer one gets to know the island the more magical it appears. Pigeon houses, windmills and countless chapels. Prickly pears, springs, green marble, sage and capers that thrive on rocks with peculiar shapes. Fascinating beaches, with thin, golden sand, smooth and wide rocks and crystal clear waters. Kionia, Porto, Santa Margarita, Livada, Kolimbithra, Isternia. Unspoilt inland villages. Arches, geraniums and basils, carved lintel, cobbled roads, threshing floors, terraced yards, cellars. Marble mortars, earthenware jars, and woven baskets.

Tinos is an ideal destination for every traveler, because it combines various contrasting natural elements such as: hills and plains, mountain and sea, fertile and infertile soil…The mild climate of the island favors any kind of activity, while the strong summer winds justify the naming of Tinos as “The island of Aeolus”.